Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, deer!

Yes, I see that the title appears to be misspelled. It should read "dear" shouldn't it? Well, not really!

Saturday night we were heading home from Daddy's birthday party. It was past Eli's bedtime and so I was hunkered down in the back with him trying to lull him to sleep while Matt drove. Everything was going according to plan, then I felt Matt hit the brakes. HARD. I looked up to see something flash in front of the van, then I felt the impact.

After a quick evaluation to be sure we were all okay, and saying "Thank you, Jesus" more than a few times, we began to gather our wits about us.

A kind gentleman came out of his farmhouse and let us "drive" the van onto his farmland to await the highway patrol, my daddy and my brother! Drive is in quotations, because it involved all manner of scrubbing, and hissing, and dragging of things to get it off the road.

(Let me pause in the storytelling to give a big thanks to my daddy, my brother, my sister-in-law, and all the others who helped us get home Saturday night. You guys are the best!)

The kind gentleman brought his flashlight out and proceeded to escort Matt over to where the poor deer lay in the field. Now, although I had my camera with me, it was of no good in the darkness. But thanks to my parents, who went back to the scene the following morning, I have a picture of what they saw as they headed that way!


That's a deer crossing sign.

With a dead deer laying beside it.

Isn't it ironic...

Don't you think?

Even if my beloved van is in the shop (inconvenient) and I'm going to have to drive a rental (so, inconvenient) I'll have that picture to keep me laughing for a few days!


Mary Burnett said...

I don't like deer but this picture is priceless... you all don't have much luck with vehicles...

Dougherty Family said...

If that deer had been a buck your brother would have had it mounted! Wooten said then you could mount it on the front of the van to ward off any oncming deer. The sign...oh the sign provided lots of laughs and jokes (we'll wait and share in person, LOL).

Anonymous said...

Just glad you weren't hurt!