Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easily distracted

This past weekend, I looked at Matt and told him that we should fire our maid, which is exactly what we would do if we actually had a maid!

Somehow since Eli has begun walking and the weather has gotten beautiful, housework has taken a backseat. So, in an effort to correct this situation, I did what all good teachers do and made a worksheet. It looks like this...

I found something similar on another website and tweaked it to fit my needs. It has a place for the date, the scripture I'm memorizing that week, my water intake and whether I took a walk (I'm trying to be healthier and this makes me accountable). Then there's my top 3 to dos (which I should have labeled "must dos"), other to dos, and miscellaneous reminders. There are daily to dos such as unloading the dishwasher, wiping down counters, etc. that are not on this worksheet.

So on Monday, with my daily docket in hand and knowing my top 3 to dos were cleaning the master bath, mopping the kitchen floor, and vacuuming, I got busy. Shortly into the day, I realized what my problem might be.

During Eli's morning nap, I set to work. I stopped in Matt's office to say hey and get a kiss. Since we had yet to move other furniture to make room for it, I'm ashamed to say that our beloved, new filing cabinet was still sitting in the middle of his office. Well, I was so distracted by it, that I decided to move things and get it into place. Or course, that required finding a spot for the furniture I moved out of the office. So, up to Jacob's room with that shelf I went. When I got there, I was distracted by how messy his toy shelves were, so I organized them. Then I headed downstairs to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher. About a third of the way into it, I realized I hadn't started our dinner, so I grabbed the roast and a can of crushed tomatoes and threw them in the crock pot. About that time, Matt came into the kitchen looking for a snack. Since I was distracted, I offered to make him a sandwich and then realized a Coke Zero on ice would be really good. After I fixed that for myself, I headed back to the still-open dishwasher. I put away a few things and was distracted by my bare feet on the dirty floor, so I grabbed the broom and swept. About that time, the baby monitor died, so I grabbed the laundry baskets from the laundry room and headed upstairs to retrieve the monitor base. When I got to our room, I was distracted by the unmade bed and so I pulled the covers up and tucked and smoothed before grabbing the base. Finally, I headed back downstairs to finish unloading the dishwasher.

Well, no wonder I don't feel like I get anything done. It took me an hour to unload the dishwasher!!

Anyone else have this same disorder, besides my Mama? I checked the DSM-IV and it's not a documented mental disorder, so I guess it's just a family trait!! :)


On a completely different note, take some time to ready MckMama's post about prayer. It's worth your time!!


Dougherty Family said...

I can SO relate! It drives Tom crazy. He'll nicely say, "You are getting off track." I respond with, "No, I'm going to do that but I need to do this, this and this first."

The Eckerts said...

I love that page. Could you send me that online? What a good idea. I can so relate. I get soo sidetracked ALL the time.

Anonymous said...

It's all in a day's work, Jen! It really doesn't matter when you do something, just that it gets done. If no one sees you then who is the wiser! Just go with it sweetie and thank God for all the great things in this world that you have conquered!

Alicia said...

Thank God, I'm not the only one! I swear, having 3 kids now makes it that much worse...I feel like I work all day long and get nothing done. Oh well, the kids will be grown and gone before I know it and I'll be wishing for a mess to clean up.

Mary Burnett said...

I so get this along with the rest of the group! I spend most of my Saturday and Sunday wandering around the house, finishing some chores, but never really getting my inital goal completed. Maybe in an ideal world, a cleaning person is the solution? :-)