Saturday, November 1, 2008

Couple of Characters

Last night as we prepared to hand out the goodies to some cute trick-or-treaters, we got a phone call. Niki was calling to ask if we wanted to go trick-or-treating with them (they have Jacob right now). This was our second year without Jacob for Halloween and we decided to head on over there with Eli for some blended family fun. We are so glad we did! The boys were precious together and wonderful memories were made (including some scantily-clad policewomen handing out candy that I'm sure the hubbies won't forget)! Fun times!!

Here are some pictures of our boys.


Anonymous said...

Eli is so cute.Jacob makes a good pirate.Eli should be on the wrapper of the Pillsbary products.

Anna and Rebecca

Dougherty Family said...

Too cute!! Jennifer you are so creative! You should send Eli's picture into Pillsbury. Does he giggle when you squeeze his tummy?I bet he does.

Anonymous said...

These guys are so cute and one of them is "kinda scary"! Great costums!!! Hope they got lots of candy and had so much fun. Glad they could go together and make memories!

Mary Burnett said...

Adorable! You have some handsome guys in your house. Hope you had a great Halloween!