Saturday, November 1, 2008

Busy Boys

Jacob had career day at school yesterday. I think it's just an excuse to let the kiddos dress up for Halloween. He was a baseball player. And a handsome one at that!

Eli has been busy cutting teeth. He now has two on top and three on the bottom for a total of five. See there, a math lesson. This blog is so well-rounded :) Here's some pictures I took trying to get those teeth on camera.

Then, there's Eli's newest trick. He loves to stand up. He can't quite pull himself up on the furniture, but has certainly mastered doing so in his crib. We learned that quickly last Saturday. I laid him down in his crib for his afternoon nap. I grabbed the monitor and headed downstairs to eat lunch. He was whining a little at first, which is normal. Quickly that whine turned to a cry. One of those cries a mama recognizes as "not-okay." I booked it up the stairs only to find my screaming baby standing up in his crib with his mouth pressed against the railings. I picked him up and was met with the horror of a bloody face. He had busted his mouth on the crib railings. Forgive me for not getting that on camera, but I was in Mama-mode, not blogger-mode. After giving his face a wipe down and offering a cold, wet washcloth to bite on, he was all better. Matt even congratulated me on handling the situation without panicking. What can I say, 8 years of teaching kiddos with autism prepares you for pretty much anything! Here's a few shots of him being big!


Anonymous said...

The boys are so cute and how time is flying! Jacob is so handsome and grown...Eli is standing with the help of furniture-what next?!!
Love you all,