Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bedtime blessings

For baby heads that smell like Johnson's & Johnson's, and birdy mouths seeking out a bottle;

For the heaviness of a sleeping little angel resting in my arms, and the sound of a contented sigh as I lay him in his crib;

For big boy heads that smell like sweat, and crooked smiles that light up my heart;

For the unexpected hugs during bedtime prayers, and the "I love you, too";

I'm undyingly grateful!!


Mary Burnett said...

I SO agree with lines one and two (I haven't yet experienced three and four). My favorite thing is holding Callum right after he's fallen asleep and before I lay him in his crib. He's also started reaching for his bottle which I love to watch! This is such a special time.

Anonymous said...

What special times for you! Enjoy each one...they pass so very fast! Before you know it you will be like me...enjoying those wonderful little creatures your children have giving you (grandchildren) to love all over again in baby form!!! Of course, we never stop loving our children...this is just the icing on the cake!!!
Love you all,

Jenny Patterson said...


The Eckerts said...

Love it!