Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day

Hello Everyone, this is one of those time's I am hijacking the "Sloan Chronicles" blog to share something.

Today we are celebrating Mother's Day in our house. We had difficulties with logistics last week so we've opted to commemorate the day a week late.

I didn't buy a card, so I'm going to make an effort to out-do Hallmark.

Jennifer didn't know what she was getting into when she married me. And honestly, I didn't know the full extent of everything she'd have to contend with. If I had, I would have worn a warning label. There's a lot to be said about the growing pains for non-biological parents within a blended family. For anyone interested, there's a WONDERFUL teaching series for blended families. (God Breathes on Blended Families) This teaching series really helped to open my eyes. How many of you reading this ever thought of Joseph not being Jesus' biological father? Did you ever wonder if he felt like he shouldn't treat Jesus as his own, because he might hurt God's feelings? Do you think God got angry at him for treating Him as his own? Those are some of the things non-biological parents go through on a daily basis and Jennifer is not immune to those feelings of inadequacy.

Now with all of that being said, I'll say this.

Motherhood suits my beautiful, wonderful, loving, nurturing, forever teaching, question answering, wife.

When we were first married, Jacob always chose to be with me. ALWAYS! It wasn't until we bought a new vehicle that he chose to ride in a different vehicle than me. Even that didn't last. The next day/time we were splitting vehicles he chose to ride with me in my broken down beater of a truck. Those days have since changed. Several nights ago I was told that I was being supplanted as his audience for a late baseball game. These "late" games start at 8pm and end somewhere around 10pm. Because the times for the games are incompatible with Eli's bedtime only one parent is able to attend. While this was a bittersweet moment for me, it made me realize how far Jacob's relationship with Jennifer has progressed.

I realize that I've dedicated most of this blog focusing on the relationship you've built with our oldest son, but I can't neglect how much progress Elijah has made in the past 15 months. Seeing and/or hearing him say "all done", pease (please), side (outside/sing language), sorry (sign language), thank you (sign language), pes (grapes/sign language), bye-bye (kiss), love you (blow-kiss), all gone (sign language). As well as all of the other things you've taught him is amazing. I couldn't ask for a better mother for my sons and I'm thankful to have you every day.

Please accept my apologies for not having a card.



Anonymous said...

Love covers all things! I am so thankful that Jesus shows us the right way to love other is hard to love on our own sometimes! I think you and Jennifer have a sweet and beautiful little family! Thank you for being so good to her!
We love you like a son,
Betty and Bill

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I forgot the most important thing on this day and that is to wish you a Happy Mother's Day and to tell you what a great mother you are. I see your patience and love for the children and it is amazing!
I love you,

Nicole Collins said...

Hallmark has nothing on this post! What a way to humble yourself and show Jennifer how much you love and appreciate her. Jennifer, I hope you have a "Happy Mother's Day" today! You are an awesome mom. Watching you with Eli and reading your posts on Jacob, inspires me with my own children. Enjoy today!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful outpouring of your love and dedication to Jennifer.We are so very thankful that you found each other.Jacob and Eli are two very lucky little boys to have you both as parents.


Dougherty Family said...

Nicole took the words right out of my mouth, "Hallmark has nothing on you!"
Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer!! You are a wonderful mother (and aunt and all the other titles you carry). Thank you for the gift of Jacob and Eli as nephews - they are such sweet blessings.
Love you guys!