Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time flies...

So, this week, my boys hit two big milestones. Jacob started fourth grade and Eli turned six months old. It seems like yesterday that Jacob was starting kindergarten and Eli was just a twinkle in his daddy's eye!

It's so exciting watching the boys grow and mature. Jacob is truly turning into a gentleman--thanks to some excellent modeling from my wonderful husband (and a great stepdad)! He even remembers to open my car door. The girls are gonna be swooning before you know it! I pray that as Jacob starts this school year that he has favor with his peers and teachers. I pray that he can be a shining light for Jesus in his school! His personality is blooming and he is such a funny kid. I know that God will use him for big things! Love you, buddy!

Jacob-Apr. 2005 Jacob-Aug. 2008

Eli is changing everyday. Sitting up is his newest skill. And, boy is he good at it. Books are becoming a fast favorite, too...he takes after his mama. Boy, is he getting big. According to the reports from the doctor today, Eli weighs 17lbs 11oz (55%ile) and measures in at a whopping 29 inches (95%ile). Grow, Eli, grow!! He's still not a fan of sleeping...he takes after his daddy, too apparently. We put him down and pat him until he falls asleep. He makes it through the night with a brief interruption for a little 4oz booster. It is such a joy to be home to witness all the little advances and changes. I thank God that I can do this! It's hard to believe that it's been six months already! What a joy! Love you, Bubba!

For all you fans who are wondering, there will be a Jacob video in honor of that upcoming special occasion in September. I can't wait--I hear rumors of a special cheesecake for our house and a Steelers' helmet cake for the party. Fun times!!


Dougherty Family said...

Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful slideshow - with the music it brought tears to my eyes.
Love you,

Happy Birthday, Eli!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet he is in all these pictures!!! Both of the boys are so handsome and sweet they take my breathe away when I watch them. I am so thankful to the Lord who watches over them...protects them and gives them favor in this life. Love you guys!!!

Wilbanks World said...

No more then and now pics please! Makes the preggers mom cry because her baby is definitley not a baby anymore. Wow, what a difference!