Monday, August 18, 2008

Wishful thinking

Today we made an unexpected trip to Mema and PaPa's house. While Jacob, Eli, and I were running errands this morning, I got a call from Mema on my cell phone. She was experiencing anxiety, depression, fatigue, and trouble thinking clearly. No, she's not coming off the bottle, she's coming off grandkids. My mom was clearly having grandkid withdrawals and since she was keeping my niece and nephew, the boys and I decided to give her a fix and headed off to Wilson.

We stopped by the house to pick up the swimsuits just in case the afternoon would involve some swimming. I asked Jacob to head upstairs and bring down his suits. He came back with just one. I asked him where the other suits were and he let me know that the orange one is the only one that fits well. "Oh, really? What's wrong with the other suits," I innocently asked. He replied with words that have never rolled off my tongue, "They're too big. Because, even though my legs are long, I have a really skinny waist!"





Disclaimer: Situations on the blog are not as exaggerated as they appear!! But Jacob is as skinny as he appears!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen for the afternoon! It was a nice time and I enjoyed all my grandchildren yesterday! Thanks to Matt for being so understanding about your coming all the way here to visit...during the week!
Jacob is skinny but oh so good looking!
Love you all,

Mary Burnett said...

Poor guy! He'll appreciate that waist one day- when he can eat whatever he wants!!! Don't we all wish...

Dougherty Family said...

Not only is he good looking he is good natured! The kids had a great time visiting yesterday. They love going to Mema & Papa's.