Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet potatoes, silly boys, snakes and spiders...oh my!

Eli has begun to show more interest in food, so we decided to offer him a new food. Rice and oatmeal cereal definitely get old after a while. So, on Sunday I baked some sweet potatoes, gave them a spin in the food processor, poured them into ice cube trays and froze them--yummy homemade baby food in perfect portions. Eli seems to love them!

While Eli was eating his new food, big brother Jacob was hamming it up for the camera (and cracking up his baby brother in the process).

And, on a completely different note, we've had some creepy crawly critters take up residence here recently. This spider spent the day outside our dining room window. As you can see, he's a pretty big guy! That's Matt's pager for a size reference! Please ignore the dirty window sill. Just keeping it real, folks...just keeping it real!

This cute (not really), black snake slid through our backyard that same day. He's not a small guy, either! Thank goodness it kept right on going and ended up in the neighbors yard. Sorry, Adam and Janice!

Hope you are all having a great week! We leave for vacation on Saturday...can't wait!!


Dougherty Family said...

What happy boys!! Cool spider and beautiful web - I would have left her (of course it's a her it's Charlotte)there also. Yucky snake, don't care what color it is - it's yucky! There's an old wives' tale that if you hang a dead black snake in a tree it brings rain. So if it gets too dry out your way you know what to do.
Have a great vacation!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't kill the snake. So many people do for no reason other than thy are scared of it when really they eat the rodents that would end up in your house! Beautiful garden spider - Charlotte - although Rich wouldn't agree. They eat lots of little flying pests. Love the sweet potatoes idea - I hope I will be able to make homemade baby food one day. Jacob is getting so big! We are in vacation at Fripp Island, SC, and thus the reason for the South Carolina visits on the traffic feed. Miss you,

Anonymous said...

What a mixture of sweet and bitter! Sweet potatoes...sweet boys verses bitter outside things! Think I'll will stay away from the outside. However, what I am looking for will be on the inside. Eli and Jacob!!! Sweet and cute boys. Have a great day you guys!
Love ya,

The Eckerts said...

I just want to kiss that little Eli's face!!! He is so stinkin' cute. Orange looks good on him :)