Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow! We've been so busy! This weekend was wild. Lots to tell, which means lots to read. Let me fill you in!

We invited all three nephews to spend the night with Jacob on Friday night. So, Matt met Amanda halfway (we live about an hour from them) and picked up the boys ages 12, 8, and 5. While Matt was doing that, I was leaving work, getting a much needed pedicure--anything to make my swollen tootsies look better, heading to the grocery store, and handling dinner. Now, when I say handling dinner, I do not mean cooking pot roast and mashed potatoes. What I mean is...ordering pizza. Now, being the planner that I am, I called ahead (3:00ish) to be sure the chosen pizza place delivered to our home which is not in town. I was assured by the nice teenager that our address did indeed pop up on her computer and we would be in their coverage area. Great! I called the pizza place around 5:45 and placed our order. At 6:00, I received a return call from said pizza place. It was the manager! He was calling to ruin my life tell me that they in fact did not deliver to my address. After much discussion regarding the earlier mentioned conversation with the nice teenager and the 4 hungry boys arriving at my house any minute, we decided we could not reach an agreement. I cancelled the order, hung up the phone, dialed Matt's cell phone, and proceeded to bawl over pizza delivery. Yes, friends...I sobbed hysterically because if I can't even get ordering pizza right, then how on God's green earth can I care for this infant due to arrive in weeks!?! How can I be a good wife and mother if I can't get this small thing right!?! This is most certainly the end of everything!! Well, I just thank God for a wonderful husband who was able to fix it all by saying "don't worry" and "we'll take care of this" and "I love you so much" He arrived with 4 boys in tow, we called another pizza place, Matt went and picked up the pizzas, and everything was hunky-dory! I love that man of mine. The boys played hard and had a great time together! They "camped out" in the living room and stayed up late. Of course, I have no idea how late because, you know, all reasonable people are in bed by 10:00pm. Here's what the "campsite" looked like the next morning. Fun was had for sure!

The next day I had a baby shower at church hosted by the Kids' Ministry leaders. We enjoyed breakfast treats, shared baby stories, and I was blessed with some wonderful gifts for Eli!
While I was there, Matt was home making pancakes and getting everyone ready to head out. Jacob had a basketball game and everyone was going. Everything was going great--everyone was dressed, fed, car was packed, and the house was even tidied! So, they head out the door, as do both 100-pound dogs of ours. Now, let's just say...Scout and Eva are not accustomed to freedom. They know fences and leashes. So, once they found themselves across the threshold with no boundaries, they decided to run. And run they did. And run did Matt. All the way down the street. Chasing dogs. That don't listen. Have I said how much I love this man?

We went to the basketball game, enjoyed a lovely meal at McDonald's, and headed to Wilson to get everyone back to their rightful owner. I was able to spend some quality time with my mom and brother. There was lots to talk about with our due date approaching so quickly. Matt and my dad watched a movie, and the boys played some more.

On Sunday, we went to church. Matt and I had a new kiddo in our special needs class, which is always fun and sometimes an adventure as we get to know them. We ran some errands, did some laundry, and then enjoyed a nice dinner together at the Outback Steakhouse (thanks for the giftcard)!

It was a great weekend and we can't wait to do it again!

I'll post again soon. Matt and I are attending birth classes and well, there's just so much to say about that!!!


Nicole Collins said...

Just wait til you add a baby into the chaos. Now that's fun. I'm sure you're getting tons of advice lately so let me chime right in...I'll tell you the same thing a lady I met at Whole Foods said to me the other day. She had 4 kids who were running in totally different directions. She ended her shopping trip with one of her sons spilling their "soup to go" all over himself, the cart and the floor. All of her children started laughing. I looked at her and said "you might as well laugh. It might be easier." She said "I have two choices...laugh or cry. Right now I choose to laugh." I think that's when having kids gets really fun. When we can find the humor in all the things they do. You're going to be a great mom. I have no doubts about that!

Mema said...

This was just great!!! I think you need to write a book! You make me feel like I'm right in the middle of all this adventure! Oh, that's right I am. Ha! Ha!
Love reading your blog, honey! Just remember everything turns out happily ever after.
Love ya,

Stacey said...

Hi there - nice to meet you Jennifer! Congratulations on the new baby!

Looks like you had a busy weekend!!

I am with Nicole - laughing is SO MUCH FUN!! And it helps the whole family see the joy in our human-ness!

About the google document - I published it now, so you should be able to see it.
I first started a schedule for myself when I had just gotten married and was pregnant with #1 - at home. It has been invaluable.

I have other SAHM helps that I will be publishing as well....stay tuned!

Good luck - and if you ever want to "chat" about some of the ins and outs of being a SAHM, don't hesitate to email me!

Mary & Iain Burnett said...

I hope you all survived the brutal winter weather this weekened! It is cold here but we only have a dusting a snow. Have a great week! I think that this might be your last at work?