Friday, January 4, 2008

Belly Pics from Week 33

For a body-conscious girl, posting these pics is a huge accomplishment. Notice my admirers in the mirror in the top photograph (my hubby and my daddy)!!

Eli sure is growing!!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful!! I'm proud of you!

Mary & Iain Burnett said...

You look gorgeous! What a cute Momma. Not long now... :-)

Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

Jennifer, You are more of a woman than I am. I'm not sure I ever took a naked belly picture. Many of my friends did and thought it was beautiful. I just didn't get that same feeling when I looked at my stretched out belly. So you go girl. You'll be back to your slim self soon.

The Eckerts said...

You look so beautiful! What a gorgeous glow you have.

Anonymous said...

Well here are my two babies!!! It is so special to see how God gives us life and how He provides for all the needs that are involved in this miracle.
(2 Timothy 3:13) Unless parents make a peristent effort to change their lives and live as God commands, they will only succeed in passing on copies of themselves.
You look beautiful Jennifer. (Inside and outside)!!!
Mama and Daddy

Sammie said...

I've been dieing to see belly pics! You look great and I am so proud of you!
Love you,

P.S. There are tons of new posts for you to read.