Friday, September 28, 2007

Awesome Opportunity

Children's Cup is a ministry my church supports. You can check it out at It's purpose is to take humanitarian and spiritual aid into places where war, natural disasters, and disease epidemics have devastated societies. Many children that this ministry reaches have been sexually abused, beaten, and some have even been forced to murder and maim as child warriors. This particular project through Children's Cup is an awesome opportunity to show them the love of Jesus. You can get a Christmas card from them by going to their website and clicking on the Children's Cup Christmas in Africa logo in the right hand navigation bar. You then take the card, write a note in it for one of their kiddos at one of their CarePoints, put $6 in it and send it back to Children's Cup. They'll take the card to one of their CarePoint kids, who will write you a note or send you a picture. The $6 will ensure that the kiddo gets a Christmas gift, dinner, and an awesome Christmas party! What a great use of $6. I just thought I'd share this opportunity! We are so blessed!! Even those months when the money is stretched thin and going out to eat happens a little less frequently, we are blessed beyond belief! What an awesome way to serve God and His children!