Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baseball, baby, and birthday!

The Sloan family has quite a busy week coming up. School is back in full swing with the assignments that come along with that. Jacob has baseball games on Tuesday and Friday night this week. He is playing on the Rams this season and they are 1-1. Jacob is proving to be a great baseball player--he is the best catcher I have ever seen!! Matt and I have our level II ultrasound Friday morning. This test is performed by a specialized perinatologist and can identify if any structural abnormalities are present. It will also allow for the perinatologist to check on the placenta placement. Hopefully it has shifted!! Last, but not least, if little one agrees and behaves, we will find out the gender of our baby. (Don't forget to vote on your thoughts about our baby's gender on the poll on the left hand bar of our blog site.) I'll spend the rest of that day updating the blog so you will all know about our doctor's visit, basking in the glow of seeing our little one again on video, baking Jacob's birthday cake, and preparing for our Star Wars party. Which leads us to the undeniable fact...Jacob is turning eight. We can hardly believe it! I tell Matt that it seems like just yesterday that we were dating and Jacob was two. At that time it was Jacob's joy to bring me my keys to kick me out of the house, so he could have his Daddy back to himself :). He's now in third grade, playing baseball, and becoming so independent. His personality is just blooming and he's such great fun to be around. I just know he's going to be the most excellent brother to this new little one. With that said, off i go to take a nap. Pregnant women need their energy...especially facing a busy week like ours!! Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for a boy. I had a dream about it. This will either confirm that my dreams really come true, ha ha, or let me know that my dreams really are nonsense! I love you guys and will think and pray good outcomes for the ultrasound this Friday. I can't wait to read about it.
Love you,

Jenny Pattterson said...

As soon as I read your post I decided that my vote was for a boy. I can't explain why, just a feeling. I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I have seem this guy play ball. Boy is he good!!! He just might get a look from the pros. Jacob you are a joy to watch. You can take the bad with the good and that shows good sportsmanship. We are proud of you.
Mema and Papa

Anonymous said...

Sammie I see a little girl with blonde curls. Mine wasn't a dream but just a vision. We will love a little boy just the same. I only pray that it will have good health and just be perfect. Can't wait til tomorrow Jen and Matt!!!
Love ya'll,