Friday, September 21, 2007

Great news!!

We have just come home from the doctor and are pleased to announce that we are having a healthy baby boy!
We are so excited! I'll try to post some ultrasound pictures later today. The doctor said that everything looks great and we are right on schedule to deliver on February 15. Our little guy was adorable...I'm just in awe of what's happening inside my body! The placenta has shifted some, but is still low. However, the doctor said that as I grow the placenta will only shift up, not down. We are scheduled for another ultrasound at 28 weeks, just to be safe. The chance of a placenta previa in a first pregnant are almost unheard of, so the doctor did not seem concerned--yeah! So, everything's back to normal! Thanks for all your prayers. I'm off to prepare for a Star Wars party. Take care!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Jacob got his wish. Now will you name him Luke (Skywalker)? Another Jedi Knight is on the way.

Mema and Papa

Pappy Al said...

We are so glad to hear the little one is healthy. Just think, Matt, now you will have 2 boys to get through high school. God does have a sense of humor (or is it justice?).

Anonymous said...

Wooten and Christian were giving each other high fives about having another boy cousin (like they had something to do with it). We are all praising God that Mommy and baby boy Sloan are healthy!! MeMa mentioned the name Luke - we have some more names for you.
Obi Wan Sloan, Mace Sloan,Yoda Sloan or Han Sloan. (You know we're JK).
Tom, Amanda, Wooten, Anna Gracen & Christian

Samantha Dassler Barlow said...

Big sigh of relief! The force was with you today. Oh I am so happy that the doctors visit went so well and that everybody is healthy and ok. And it's a boy!? I miss you and love you lots. Happy Star Wars Birthday to Jacob.
Love, Sammie

Mary Burnett said...

It is so exciting you are having a little boy! Our thoughts are with you both. We also hope that Jacob had a great birthday. His gift from us is on the way. Love Mary & Iain

The Eckerts said...

Congratulations on another boy. It looks like we are in the same boat! I am due March 9 with our second boy. I look forward to hearing how everything progresses with this little one of yours.

It's a small blogging world isn't it! I just love Gina.

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