Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Yesterday was "Trunk or Treat" at our church.  With food, games, fun, and candy, we just couldn't go wrong.  We had a family costume theme--Zany Zoo.  The little boys were a tiger and a zebra, and Matt and I dressed as zookeepers.  As a mom to three boys, zookeeper is a role I feel quite comfortable in.  The boys' costumes were handmade with black zip up hoodies, sweatpants, and colored duct tape--cheap, easy, and super cute!  I snagged the "zookeeper" khaki shirts from Goodwill for a measly $6, made some name badges, and we were good to go!  Jacob, his mom, stepdad, and siblings joined us and it was a wild, but super fun time.  Here are a few photos from our adventure!

"Mama-Zookeeper" (as Eli called me) and the wild animals

Precious little zebra mane

This tiger is "grrrrreat!"

"Let me outta this cage!"

I just want to tickle his whiskers

 Sloan Family Zoo

(Last 3 photos courtesy of Niki Wilbanks--thanks!!)


Anonymous said...

This is just the cutest little post. Love the boys outfits.
Love the little boys and the bigger one too!!!(Jacob


Anonymous said...

Too cute!! :)