Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pressing on

I love Sunday afternoons.  Refreshed from church, I can just sit and relax.  Boy, do I need some relaxing today.  This has been one wild weekend.

Here's the rundown of what's gone on:
  • the oven stopped working--which isn't terrible news since the stovetop works and I love my crockpot.  However, it really makes my prior commitment to make a cake and some baked goods for "Trunk or Treat" at church a challenge!  
  • Eva had a seizure and we spent yesterday afternoon at the emergency vet rather than the State Fair as planned.  Eva seems to be fine now.  The doctors have no conclusive diagnosis and we pray it was just an isolated and random event.  I'm thankful for that but oh, how I mourn the loss of that funnel cake and the kiddie rides!!  
  • the "check engine" and two other dash lights lit up on our van.  And let's not forget the AC went out last Sunday and we are currently a one-car family.  On the bright side, the lights were not lit on the way to church this morning.  So, hopefully the dashboard will stay dark!
  • Eli had "yucky dreams" last night and Matt and I were in his room no less than 9 times during his 10-hour night's sleep!  We still made it to church on time thanks to coffee and Coke Zero!

Whew!  That sounds like so much.  But, I have to admit, despite all those "situations" I'm not stressed.  I know that God's in control and we'll get through each of these things one by one.  I know we are blessed far beyond what others have.  I have an amazing husband, fabulous kiddos, and a supportive family and together, through Christ, we can do all things!  So, we press on trusting in and leaning on Him.  And I boldly say, I can't wait to see what this week holds for the Sloans!

Be blessed!