Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A little bounce and a lotta Bible

Here's a video of Jacob reciting the books of the Bible. He attends KCGs (Kids Connect Group) at our church and was challenged to memorize all the books of the Bible. We think he did an awesome job. To top off the feeling of accomplishment, he earned his team 17,000 points!!

Warning: If "The Blair Witch Project" made your tummy feel icky, you might not want to watch the video. Jacob's a bit of a kinesthetic learner (or maybe it was the Mountain Dew and Milky Way)!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jacob!!! I now know what to do when I can't think of something "jump, jump and jump" some more!
We Love you,
Mema and Papa

The Eckerts said...

Way to go Jacob! The jumping around was hilarious. And I thought my boys had the wiggles!

Mary Burnett said...

Too cute! Can you possibly email me a copy of the sippy cup you referred to? I need to try another out. Thanks for the tip on that.