Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Party Fun!

Here's a slideshow with some pictures from Eli's birthday party. Thanks to my dad for the pictures. Unfortunately, our computer is acting up again so I wasn't able to upload the photos and videos off our camera onto the computer. So, PaPa to the rescue. We were able to upload his photos to the web and I'm posting from Matt's work computer! Anything for our fans who read the blog :)

Eli got some great gifts and we are so thankful!

One more update for you: Eli is walking! He started really walking last week, in honor of his birthday! One minute he's pulling up on a piece of furniture and the next minute he's off. Boy, are we busy now! Just as soon as the computer is back up and running, I'll post some video of him on the move. Until then...


Anonymous said...

What a great party! It's hard to believe that Eli is ONE! Jacob and Eli are both growing so fast and they are so sweet!
Jen, I enjoyed Monday!!!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

He is adorable!! I can't believe he is one!! My how time goes by!! Take Care!!