Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Haircut

I'm sitting in our local public library since the Geek Squad is currently trying to save our computer (darn virus)! So, I figured with my 11 minutes left, I'd post a few pictures of Eli's first haircut!! Isn't the internet wonderful. You don't even have to be at home to blog!! Mema and PaPa did an excellent job as a hair salon. We didn't cut the curls off the back (just couldn't do it yet), so Eli's sporting a really awesome baby mullet. I think he makes it look good!! Sorry there's no after picture. I was in charge of the camera and got distracted. But, I assure you he looks great!

Everything else is going wonderfully here at the Sloan house. We are enjoying the spring weather and it's giving us lots of time to play outside! Eli is an outside fanatic. so much so, that when we walk inside he begins to wail. Good thing I like it outside, too! The boys just love "passing the ball" with us! It's great practice since Jacob's baseball season is upon us! We are so thankful to live in NC. Because really, where else can it snow on Monday and on Friday everyone's sporting shorts and t-shirts! Hope the weather is great where you are. Take care!


Anonymous said...

He did so good for me! I really hated cutting any of his hair for fear he wouldn't look the same and I might mess it up...then the parents might want to kill me!!! It all turned out great and Eli is still a very cute kid!