Thursday, December 4, 2008

No biz, like "Snow Biz"

Tonight was the annual Winter Concert at Jacob's school. I don't know if you've been to a Winter Concert, but nothing says, "Merry Christmas" like a big group of kiddos singing about snow while performing some choreography rivaling Paula Abdul circa 1989 and throwing the fake snow!

Since we have a little one whose bedtime routine begins around 7:00, I stayed home with Eli while Matt headed out with Jacob and our camcorder for the big event.

Videography goes a long way for a parent who has to miss a Winter Concert. I have watched both videos Matt recorded at least twice, because, unlike my hubby, concerts and/or choral singing of any kind makes my day!

So, dear readers, we are so pleased to offer you a glimpse into the Winter Concert, too!

For your viewing and listening pleasure, please enjoy Jacob Sloan (2nd row, blonde buzz cut) and the fourth graders singing "Snow Biz"!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I felt like I was on Broadway!!! Jacob that was just the greatest! I will be listening to that again and again. Sorry that Papa and I could not go however this was just wonderful. I look forward to seeing you soon! Have a great day!
We love you,
Mema and Papa

Dougherty Family said...

Great job, Jacob! You guys ROCK!

Mary Burnett said...

Hey Jennifer! Are you hosting a cookie recipe swap on your blog again? I need a new recipe or two! :-) Hope all is well.