Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cookie Exchange (edited)

Edited to add: Please invite your friends to join us. You can even copy and paste the invite picture (I think!!) The more the merrier!!


Mary Burnett said...


Anonymous said...

This is too funny! I just won a contest at a cookie exchange last night for the most creative packaging. Guess that won't work here, but it's a good thing that our cookies weren't half bad either. I like to call them...You can't HANDLE the peanut butter. The recipe is super easy and I can't wait to post it in your virtual cookie exchange!
Miss you,

PaPa said...

Let me know when the "Cookie Tasting" takes place and I'll host it.


The Eckerts said...

Ohh, you're so creative. I'll be here with bells on. Now if I can only think of a good recipe....

satire and theology said...

A colourful blog.

Merry Christmas.

Russ (blogger next blog)


satire and theology