Thursday, October 2, 2008

We heart birthdays!

My family loooooves birthdays!!
When Matt joined up with our family, he was quite surprised by the emphasis made on birthdays in our family.

We are known for the "birthday week," theme parties, and assuring that even adults celebrate with cake and candles, ice cream, and a song!

Birthdays are the best!

Last week was Jacob's birthday week and we celebrated.

On his actual birthday, Tuesday, Jacob woke up ready to open his present. It was a little big to be wrapped, but he seems to love his new bike. Boy, was it needed. He has grown so tall that his old bike looked like it was built for a toddler.

Later that day, Jacob's mom, stepdad, Matt and I took the birthday boy out to dinner. He chose to go to Kaze, the local Japanese restaurant. We love the food and Jacob loves watching them cook right in front of you. It certainly looks nothing like what he sees when I'm cooking :) After dinner, we headed home to have some homemade cheesecake per Jacob's request.

On Saturday Jacob celebrated with a lego themed party with his mom's and stepdad's families. You can find out all about it at his mom's blog.

Then on Sunday, we had a Steeler's football party with my family. We missed Matt's family (they all live out of state), but look forward to seeing them this month!! We enjoyed cake (even with all the melted frosting) and ice cream. Jacob had a blast opening presents. His final present was the hit of the party. Matt and I had decided that Jacob was finally ready for his first pocketknife! Boy, was he totally thrilled!! Of course, with the changes in society, we had to discuss the when and where it can be carried. Matt also gave him a little lesson on knife safety. Thanks so much to everyone for everything (including the support over the cake catastrophe)! Jacob is truly blessed!!


Dougherty Family said...

I can attest to the birthday celebrations. I, like Matt, was taken back by them when I became a part of the family (16 years ago). Not only are the parties fun, but it's a great time to let the birthday boy/girl/man/woman know how special they are to the family and how much they are loved. We have made some wonderful memories at these get togethers - with many more to come. (:0)

Glad Jacob had a fantastic birthday! Loved the look on his face when he opened his pocket knife. He is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

It's always good to party! We had a great celetration for Jacob's birthday! He is so sweet and always so appreciative! Everything was perfect even the cake!
Love you Jacob!
Mema and Papa

Anonymous said...

The Bowman family wishes you a Happy Birthday, Jacob. We can't wait to meet you.
Kathy, Tony, Darby and Daxton