Monday, March 29, 2010

Stream of Consciousness and such!

1. Finally a belly pic of me and Abel 2. It's Spring Break, so Jacob has no school this week...HOORAY!!! We get to stay home and play all week!!

3. Abel's due date is a week and a half away. I'm hoping the full moon tonight works some magic.

4. The weather is simply beautiful and we are spending so much time outside. I had no clue how much I missed being outside. I adore it!

5. Eli is certainly adjusting to being a two-year old. Now, not only is he full of energy and always wide open, but he also has a great need for independence and doing things "self". He's certainly got a stubborn streak...I wonder where he got that??

6. Matt and I are thoroughly enjoying the Wii that we purchased for Christmas. It's become a nightly ritual, and really is good quality time together. But, I'm staying up way too late!!

7. If Abel comes on Friday, he'll share a birthday with my Daddy! That would be an awesome birthday gift...I'd never be able to top it!

8. Jacob's getting a haircut tonight...I love fresh haircuts. I'll try to take a picture and post it soon. He's growing up so much and is so handsome! Look out, girls!



We'll keep you posted!


Mary Burnett said...

Jennifer- you look beautiful! I hope you can hang in there until Abel makes his grand entrance! We're thinking about you up here and can't wait to get the phone call. Take care. Lots of Love, Mary

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Sloan said...

We are excited and waiting impatiently for Abel's arrival. We too are going to see some beautiful, 70ish weather this weekend. All the snow has finally melted. The mountains still have some snow on them. I hope we don't have to regulate your time on the Wii. You don't want to rot your brains.
Love - Pappy Al