Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

When the forecasters predicted snow yesterday, I took it with a grain of salt. Who knew they would be right? 6 inches worth of snow fell today before 3:00pm. Jacob was at his mom's so unfortunately he was not with us for the snow fun. We sure missed his antics! Here are some pics of our snow day!

The 3 Sloans

Mama being a kid!

Snow Angel

Calvin on a leash (neighbor's cat...hey, Adam & Janice!)

Warming up!


Anonymous said...

Now "that's" what we call snow!
Pappy Al

Dougherty Family said...

Isn't it awesome?!?! We are going to go sledding again in the morning. Who knows the next time we'll have this much snow again. We've waited 3 years for this snow!!! Glad you guys had fun.

Mary Burnett said...

You've probably had more snow than we have in Shippensburg! I'm jealous. I'd love a snow day. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! I'll bet Eli's eyes were wide with wonder!?
Love ya,

The Eckerts said...

So jealous!!! Looked like so much fun :)