Monday, December 26, 2011

Receiving Gifts

Do you know your love language?  Author Gary Chapman has written a series of books about 5 love languages, or your primary way of expressing and interpreting love.  During one of our weekly date nights this past year, Matt and I took the test.  You can take it, too--click here.

We discovered that Matt's love language is "receiving gifts."  He's not materialistic and it doesn't mean he likes expensive gifts.  He just likes to know that he was thought of and appreciates the love and effort behind gift-giving.  A pack of post-it notes or a Reese's cup Christmas tree from a normal errand can express the same love as a much larger, more expensive gift given on a holiday.

Now, I must stop and say that "receiving gifts" is at the bottom of my list.  I'm a "quality time" and "words of affirmation" girl.  Since our love languages are different, I have to make an effort to show my love for him using his love language.  It's much more natural for me to want to express love in the way I prefer to receive it.  This makes the gift-giving holidays challenging, but fun.

Matt and I exchange stockings at Christmas time.  This year, I was so excited about his gifts.  I got a little creative!  This is what my hubby received.

All his stocking stuffers had cheesy little tags on them.  Just of example, the pens said, "you are stuPENdous" and the Riesens said, "I love you for so many RIESENS."

But, my favorite part of the gift was inspired by The Dating Divas (one of my favorite blogs).  I preplanned a monthly date for each month of 2012.  Each date is fairly inexpensive or even free (frisbee golf).  I combined our love languages--quality time (me) and receiving gifts (Matt)!  YAY!!  
This picture gives you an example of some of the months.

And, a close up for details!!

Matt was very surprised and very loved this Christmas morning!  And, I have to admit it was really fun to plan and execute this gift!

Happy Gift Giving!!


The Momma said...

How fun! I'm glad you included all the pictures too so you could really get a better idea of how to execute the gift. I think something like this would be fun for my hubby's birthday.

Krystal said...

You are so creative!! I am sooo going to steal these next year!!