Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've finally recovered from all the holiday fun and shenanigans, so I'm back. And, I'm going to try to post at least once a week, but I'm not making any promises!

Here's what's been going on:

*We had an unbelievably blessed holiday. We spent Christmas Day with my family here, then spent New Year's with Matt's family in PA. It was so nice to get to visit with everyone! I am truly grateful for our families and their support!

*I was completely surprised when Santa came left me the camera I asked for. THANKS!! :)

*I'll be 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Wow, that's like 7 months!! I've actually clipped coupons that don't expire until after baby Abel is due to arrive. OH, MY! (Since people have asked, I've registered for a few things we'll need for baby Abel at Target.)

*Eli and I have discovered the joy that is Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh! It has become one of our favorite places. It's wonderful for my sanity on the really cold days when we can't get outside, and a bonus--it's 5 minutes from the Krispy Kreme!!

*Jacob is back in the swing of school, despite the fact that it's not his favorite place to be. He's loving the electric guitar he got for Christmas. It's taking his lessons to a whole 'nother level!

*Matt and I (with a little help from my parents) have successfully updated our kitchen ceiling and walls. Matt scraped the popcorn ceilings, stripped the wallpaper, we removed the glue, he patched and sanded, then we painted. Now, we just need the new cabinet hardware and new floors!! Can't wait!

Hope you are all doing well! Enjoy the slideshow...it's a bit long, so hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Jennifer.
Thanks for the update. Love seeing the pics of all the kids. They are growing so fast. Take care of yourself.
Cousin Kathy

Anonymous said...

Glad you have posted...I always look forward to pictures. This time is a treat because it has the cold weather families in them. Happy New Year to all Matt's family!!! We wish each of you the best year ever.
This seems to be the only way we can see each other with all the miles between us. Love it anyway...we love Matt and he has been a great husband for Jen and a wonderful dad to Jacob and Eli annnnd soon Abel.
You all take care until the next time. (Don't let it be to long Jen...you have an old fashion mother who is not computer smart).
We love you,
Mema, Mama and Betty

Sloan said...

Happy New Year to our southern families! I feel bad for Jacob and Eli. The day after they went home, the snow really started to come down. We had at least 18 to 24 inches of the white stuff. Schools were closed for three days and there were two shortened school days. The boys would have loved it. I think Jen would have been just as excited! We loved having all of our grandchildren together. It makes retirement that much more tempting. Love to all - Pappy Al & Grandma

Mary Burnett said...

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