Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Quick Pics

Tonight we headed out as a family for some trick-or-treating fun! Matt and I were accompanied by a scarecrow and "Static Cling." Eli had an emergency costume change. He was scheduled to appear as a spider, but we discovered quickly that he treated his costume just as he does the poor daddy-long-legs that he finds in our yard...he tried to pull the legs off! So, after a quick re-do of his costume and a final stuffing of Jacob, we headed out. As we approached the first house, I talked to Eli about saying "trick or treat" and saying "thank you." Apparently during my lessons, I failed to mention that we don't get to actually go into each house we visit! We discovered his disappointment in the lack of getting-to-go-inside-each-and-every-house, with his outward disapproval. Oh, kiddo was the one who got his candy, said "thank you," then left screaming and crying because you didn't invite him in!! Following a couple of those embarrassing episodes (that were calmed only by the offer of a Smartie), Eli and Daddy headed home and Jacob and I tackled the rest of the neighborhood alone. Jacob got a bag full of candy and was happy with his loot! He had so much fun, he topped the night off by losing a tooth in a Milk Dud!

Happy Halloween!!


Samantha Dassler Barlow said...

Great scarecrow and static cling was so creative at the last minute!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! How cute are these boys...does not matter what you dress them up to be. Hope you all had a great Halloween!
Love and kisses,
Mema and Papa

Janice Bush said...

The boys look adorable. Jacob's costume is really great and much less scary as the "no faced" scarecrow Adam went as last year... I like the one of Eli "posing" in his static cling outfit. Hilarious!!