Monday, February 16, 2009

A little something to tide you over!

Ok, thanks for the prayers. As of right now, the beloved laptop is functioning normally (just with a crazy-strange desktop background--nothing like opening up to a big flashing WARNING sign). So, I thought I'd upload some recent pictures and video. I'm terrified of losing everything and this blog may not only be my expressive outlet, but it just might function as my picture/video backup, too!

Disclaimer: This post is only for hard-core Sloan family fans. In other words, here come the pictures!!!

Yes, that is the "Cops" theme song in the background. You never know what "The 90s" music channel will provide!

By the way, the next time I mention wanting new digi-scrapbook papers, somebody tell me NO DOWNLOADS! Or, tell my husband to give me some money for the "hobby fund" PS...there's no such thing as a hobby fund at our house. I just made it up! But it sounds like a good idea!


The Eckerts said...

Yay for Eli. That is so exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see so action at the Sloan house! I have missed seeing the boys and the cute (for Eli) and manly (for Jacob) things they do!

Nicole Collins said...

Love the song in the back ground. Too cute!

Dougherty Family said...

Very cute! Great job, Eli!

Anonymous said...

Al you the man!!! Bill loved your package!*? Thanks for a good laugh and "Go Steelers"!
Take care,
Betty and Bill