Sunday, August 15, 2010

Late July/Early August Update!

Seems I'm not updating the blog very often, but for those of you who still take the time to check on us here, this is what's been going on.

*Jacob went to camp and on vacation with Matt's family! He had a great time both places!
*Eli has been wearing big boy pants for almost a month now (except for naps and bedtime). He's done great!
*Abel can roll over now, but doesn't do so very often.
*Jacob starts middle school next week! I can't believe it!
*Eli has some massive language skills, saying things like carbonation, pumpernickel, and obedient with ease. His sentences can stretch up to 9 or 10 words and if I don't quite understand his articulation, he'll actually rephrase or give me a reference point! Such a smart kid!
*Abel has two teeth already and loves to chew on his fists, fingers, hands, etc.
*Jacob started baseball practice this week. He's on the Orioles and we're hoping for a winning season!
*Eli makes us laugh. He learned the story of Jonah, so one day when he was being disobedient, I asked him about Jonah. "Remember Jonah? What did Jonah do?" He replied, "He wasn't obedient." I followed with, "and what happened to Jonah?" To which Eli responded, "He got swallowed by big fish!" So, I asked, "Do you want to be swallowed by a big fish?" Quickly, Eli exclaimed, "YES!" Oh, well!
*Abel loves to hang out in the Ergo carrier and the Baby Bjorn. He loves to be near us!
*Matt and I are enjoying our little family so much! We feel so blessed!

Here are some pictures of our recent fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey, so good to see this Blog updated. I'm still old fashion and I'd rather not Facebook. Had a good visit today and love seeing the boys...and of course you!